What is CultureTalks?

  • On-Line Language-Learning Tool
  • Features Short Videos Filmed On-Location in Different Cities Around the World
  • Optional Subtitles in English and/or Spanish for Every Video
  • Unique 24/7 Access to Authentic Linguistic and Cultural Content
  • Videos from the Caribbean, Central America, South America, Spain, and the U.S.
  • Supplemental Materials Designed to Integrate with Each Video
  • Enhanced Student Experience and Fully-Prepared Lesson Plans for Teachers
  • Flip Your Classroom or Don’t - All Videos and Activities Designed for Home or Classroom Use
  • Videos Feature Numerous Locations, Unscripted Dialogue and People From All Walks of Life
  • Real People, No Actors - Students Engage with this Material

CultureTalks aims to provide students with a more engaging and interesting way to develop proficiencies across the full range of language skills via access to a wide range of authentic audio-visual materials. We also aim to facilitate the task of the language instructor by providing ready-to-use assignments, articles, and in-class activities purposefully designed to complement and reinforce the linguistic and cultural content contained in the videos. The videos and accompanying exercises should naturally lead students to critically reflect on the many fascinating voices, sights, sounds, customs, and cultures showcased on CultureTalks.

STUDENTS: Student Log-In Allows Anytime Access to the Videos, Bilingual Subtitles, Vocabulary, and Comprehension Questions

TEACHERS: Additionally the Teacher Log-In Allows Anytime Access to the Supplemental Materials By Clicking on the Link at the Bottom of Each Video Page

SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIALS: Bilingual Video Transcripts, Conversation Topic, Oral Activity, Listening Activity, Writing Activity, Short Article and Comprehension Activity For Each Video