For Teachers

Suggestions On Using The Videos

Flip Your Classroom: Assign viewing the videos and/or completing the comprehension questions as homework. You can then either move directly to the related in-class activities (”Tema de Conversación,” “Actividad de Escritura,” etc.), or re-watch the video as a group before doing the related activities in class.

Use the Videos in Class: Before viewing the video, we recommend going over the vocabulary and doing the Pre-Viewing Activity (”Antes de Visionar”) with the class to prepare them for the video content. After viewing the video as a class, you can move on to the other oral and written activities.

Combine Both Approaches: You may choose to watch the video as a class but assign one of the activities, such as the “Actividad de Escritura”, as homework.

Suggestions On Using The Supplemental Materials

All of the materials are designed with flexibility of use in mind and can be done in either English or Spanish depending on the level of proficiency, allowing you to adapt the materials in a way that is most effective for your classroom.

Antes de Visionar: These activities should be done with the whole class prior to watching the video or at the end of class if the students will be watching the video as homework. They are designed to have students reflect on the themes addressed in the videos and to have them make connections with their own experiences.

Vocabulario: The vocabulary words highlighted for each video consist of words that are used frequently throughout the course of the video as well as more uncommon words and phrases. They are organized in the following way: verbs, adjectives and adverbs, nouns, and multiword phrases. You can expand on the vocabulary list with activities that ask students to use each word in a sentence or to come up with synonyms and antonyms for the words.

Preguntas de Comprensión: These are designed to check comprehension. They can either be assigned as homework and reviewed in class, or completed in-class while watching the video.

Actividad de Comprensión Oral: This is an additional activity designed for students to be able to monitor their listening comprehension skills. The activity is done while listening to the video. Sometimes a second listen is required.

Tema de Conversación: These conversation prompts are drawn from something seen or heard in the video, and they frequently focus on a specific cultural aspect highlighted in the video. They are designed to stimulate an active in-class conversation. They can be done in either Spanish or English.

Actividad Oral: These activities are designed to enhance communication skills by having students work in pairs or groups to come up with conversations that are connected to the video content. These activities also allow students to show their creativity.

Actividad de Escritura: The writing activities ask students to write in a variety of styles and it gives learners the opportunity to develop different voices and registers.

Artículo: All of the articles are related to the video content. There is a combination of original readings and previously published articles taken from print media of the Spanish-speaking world. All of the articles were chosen with the Intermediate to Advanced high school student and Beginning level college student in mind. The related comprehension activity checks for general comprehension. These articles can either be assigned as homework or read together in class.

Transcripción/Transcript: Bilingual video transcripts are provided for every video. You may wish to provide the transcript to your class either before or after viewing the video.