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¿Quién soy yo?: Oaxaca 1

2:58 — Oaxaca, Mexico — Watch Now

Alejandra is a young biologist living in Oaxaca. Here she gives us a short account of what she does on a typical day and a typical weekend, and she talks about what Oaxaca has to offer.

Grammar Focus (Beginning): verbs in the “yo” form of the present indicative.

La Ciclovía

9:33 — Bogotá, Colombia — Log In to view

A long-standing and much-loved tradition in Bogotá is the Ciclovía. Every Sunday morning the city shuts down many of its main avenues to cars, and the streets fill with people on foot, bikes, and skates. In this video you’ll see 15th Avenue and Virrey Park come alive with people enjoying the city, the sunshine, and the music of the young local band Runa Busking.

Grammar Focus (intermediate): verbs in the present indicative; adjectives signifying something positive

Eli Hernandez: Joven Cantante

3:08 — Granada, España — Watch Now

In this video you’ll get to hear the impressive voice of Eli Hernández as she improvises as part of a weekly blues jam session held at Boogaclub in Granada. Eli also talks a bit about her musical history and interests.

Grammar Focus (beginning/intermediate): present tense; preterit and imperfect

Un Sábado en el Parque del Buen Retiro

5:45 — Madrid, España — Watch Now

Madrid’s Retiro Park is an enormous city park with manicured gardens, walking paths, playgrounds, stages, cafes, and even a lake with paddleboats. In this video we visit the park on a lovely Saturday afternoon in March and see people from around the city come out in droves. We also hear from people of all ages – children, teenagers, college students, and senior citizens – about why they enjoy spending time in the city’s famous park.

Grammar Focus (beginning/intermediate): verbs in the infinitive; adjectives to describe the park

Dani Morales: Percusionista Cubano en Madrid

6:42 — Madrid, España — Log In to view

It’s Saturday night and we’re at Larios Café in Madrid enjoying the sound of traditional Cuban music. We also talk to Dani Morales, a Cuban percussionist living in Madrid, about his musical background and aspirations.

Grammar Focus (advanced): idiomatic expressions like “o sea”; the preterit

¿Quién soy yo?: Cuzco

1:55 — Cuzco, Perú — Log In to view

This is a short profile of a recent college graduate who runs his family’s restaurant in Cuzco. Enjoy!

Grammar Focus (Beginning/Intermediate): verbs in the yo form of the present indicative; verbs in the yo form of the preterit.

Cristóbal Osorio: Cantaor de Flamenco

6:39 — Granada, España — Log In to view

In this video shot in the cave-bar Le Chien Andalou in Granada, you will hear the beautiful, plaintive sounds of flamenco guitar and voice. You also get to hear from the singer, frequently referred to as a “cantaor” in Andalucía, Cristóbal Osorio.

Grammar Focus (intermediate): “yo” form of present tense indicative and the preterit; present perfect tense.

¿Quién soy yo? - Arequipa

1:43 — Arequipa, Perú — Watch Now

This is a short profile of a university student from Arequipa who works in the tourism industry. Enjoy!

Grammar Focus (Beginning/Intermediate): verbs in the “yo” form of the present indicative

Una Visita al Museo Botero

5:42 — Bogotá, Colombia — Log In to view

Check out the museum in the Candelaria section of Bogotá dedicated to one of Colombia’s most famous artists, Fernando Botero. Famous for his “gordos,” you’ll see a wide variety of his paintings, learn a little about his background and technique, and hear what two visitors to the museum think of his work.

Grammar Focus (intermediate): verbs in the present indicative; some more advanced grammatical constructions

Bogotá: Algunos Sitios y Sonidos de la Ciudad

8:45 — Bogotá, Colombia — Log In to view

In this video, we walk the streets of the Candelaria, one of Bogotá’s oldest neighborhoods, and we talk to people at the nearby Plaza de Bolívar, the political hub of the city. You’ll also see the Parque Virrey and the Usaquén Flea Market (Mercado de Pulgas”) where we talk to several vendors.

Grammar Focus (intermediate/advanced): present tense verb constructions

Restaurante Mercado: Sabor Local, Conciencia Global

7:50 — Bogotá, Colombia — Log In to view

This video takes you to Bogotá’s Parque 93 neighborhood and to Mercado, the innovative restaurant of one of Colombia’s most famous chefs, Leonor Espinosa. First you’ll hear from the head waiter and then from Miguel, the culinary brains behind the restaurant, about Mercado’s efforts to provide 100% local, organic food supported by an environmentally-friendly and sustainable farm to table system.

Grammar Focus (intermediate): present indicative; vocabulary related to food and the environment

El Mercado Central

9:01 — San José, Costa Rica — Log In to view

In a visit to San José’s Mercado Central – a huge indoor market with a wide variety of food stands, restaurants, and souvenir shops – you’ll see all kinds of typical Costa Rican food, including chile relleno, horchata, and chorreadas, and you’ll hear from both the people who work at the Mercado Central and their customers.

Grammar Focus (intermediate/advanced): the verbs estar and ser in different tenses; food-related vocabulary.

Entrevista con Roberto Wesson: Un Pintor en Monteverde

8:45 — Monteverde, Costa Rica — Log In to view

Travel to Monteverde, situated in Costa Rica’s cloud forest, and visit the art gallery of local painter, and former rain forest guide, Roberto Wesson. Hear what he has to say about the artistic process and living in Monteverde, and watch as he starts to paint a mural on one of the walls outside his gallery.

Grammar Focus (intermediate/advanced): present indicative, present perfect tense, and present subjunctive

Hablando con Los Ticos en San José

11:39 — San José, Costa Rica — Log In to view

See the main cultural and social sites of interest in Costa Rica’s capital city of San José such as the Plaza de la Cultura, the Museo Nacional, the Teatro Nacional, and the Templo de la Música. Along the way you’ll also hear from a variety of “Ticos,” the term used for Costa Ricans that alludes to their fondness for the use of diminutives, including Daniela at the Teatro Nacional, Adam at the Costa Rica Backpackers Hostel, and a street vendor.

Grammar Focus (intermediate/advanced): variety of verb tenses including the present, present perfect, and verbal constructions using the infinitive

Un Viaje a la Isla Tortuguero

17:29 — Tortuguero, Costa Rica — Log In to view

Join us on an amazing excursion to the Island of Tortuguero in Costa Rica’s northeast corner. Our nature guides, Tom and Gabriel, explain the incredible biodiversity and stunning wildlife that we see on our way down the Río Suerte – including crocodiles, howler monkeys, and basilisks (or Jesus Christ lizards) – and help us explore the charming island-town of Tortuguero.

Grammar Focus (intermediate/advanced): tener and haber in the present tense; variety of verb tenses; animal/plant vocabulary

Un Paseo por Madrid

10:25 — Madrid, España — Log In to view

A tour guide walks and talks to us about the Puerta del Sol, the Plaza Mayor, and Madrid’s most famous place for churros and chocolate – the Chocolatería San Ginés. We also get to see some other interesting sites like the Mercado de San Miguel and the Mercado del Rastro.

Grammar Focus (Advanced): present indicative, preterit and imperfect, present perfect, passive verb constructions

¡Queremos Jamón!

5:47 — Madrid, España — Log In to view

The Spanish are known for their love of ham. Come along as we visit two well-known butcher shops in Madrid and hear from several customers who explain this cultural love affair with ham. You’ll also find out what it is that Spanish pigs eat that makes them so delicious.

Grammar Focus (intermediate): present tense of the verbs ser, haber; adjective/noun agreement

Un Taller de Carretas de Carnaval

13:14 — Santo Domingo, República Dominicana — Log In to view

Every year Dominican artisans make colorful and intricately designed clay and paper-mache masks as part of the Carnaval celebration. Come with us as we visit the backyard workshop of the Comparsa de Diablos Cojuelos Los Fénix de Herrera. We talk to the four main artisans about their work and they walk us through the mask-making process, giving us an impressive mini-demonstration of how to make a mask.

Grammar Focus (Intermediate/Advanced): present indicative, nosotros form, direct and indirect object pronouns, present subjunctive, and nosotros forms of the verbs hacer, querer, salir, ser, tener, venir

Hablando Con Los Dominicanos

8:25 — Santo Domingo, República Dominicana — Log In to view

We talk to a variety of people on the streets of Santo Domingo as the city prepares for it’s annual Carnaval celebration. Hear from Belkis, Víctor, Alejandra, Esmeralda, Gilberto, and the “frío-frío” man.

Grammar Focus (beginning/intermediate): present indicative (especially “yo” form of tener, salir, trabajar, estudiar), present perfect

Armando Muñoz: Entrenador de Boxeo

9:28 — Rochester, New York, EE. UU. — Log In to view

We visit Roc Box, an old-school boxing gym in Rochester, New York and we see the typical Tuesday-night activities, which include sparring and group classes. Glory also interviews Armando Muñoz, a boxing coach in Rochester who is originally from Mexico and grew up in East Los Angeles. We then see Armando in action as he coaches some young boxers at a competition in Syracuse, New York.

Grammar Focus (intermediate/advanced): reflexive verbs, preterit and imperfect tenses, present subjunctive, the verb tener (in the present, preterit, imperfect)

La Catedral de Sevilla

5:44 — Sevilla, España — Log In to view

In this video we see both the exterior and the interior of the majestic Cathedral of Seville accompanied by a brief narration.

Grammar Focus (intermediate): present indicative, prepositions. vosotros commands

El Carnaval en la Zona Colonial: Un Desfile Juvenil

4:57 — Santo Domingo, República Dominicana — Watch Now

All throughout the month of February Dominicans celebrate Carnaval. In this video we attend a Saturday morning children’s parade on Santo Domingo’s main pedestrian mall Calle el Conde. We hear from some of the kids participating in the parade, from their group leaders, and from people in the crowd about what Carnaval means to them.

Grammar Focus (beginning/intermediate): present indicative, adjective noun agreement

Pedro Nuñez y su conjunto típico: Música Tradicional Puertorriqueña

4:04 — Rochester, New York, EE. UU. — Log In to view

It’s January 5th and Rochester’s Puerto Rican community is out dancing to Puerto Rican jíbaro music played by Pedro Nuñez and his Conjunto Típico as part of the Trulla Navideña holiday celebration. Pedro is a master of the cuatro, a small ten-stringed guitar considered Puerto Rico’s national instrument. You’ll hear him play and hear him talk about why this music is important to him.

Grammar Focus (beginning/intermediate): present indicative, preterit, present

El Legado Árabe en Granada

4:21 — Granada, España — Log In to view

This video offers views of the streets, neighborhoods, tea shops, and the magnificent Alhambra, giving you a sense of how the legacy of the Arabs is still seen and felt today in the city of Granada, Spain.

Grammar Focus (beginning/intermediate): present indicative, the present vosotros form

¿Quién soy yo?: Paracas

1:54 — Paracas, Perú — Log In to view

This is a short profile of a young man from Paracas who works in the tourism industry. Enjoy!

Grammar Focus (Beginning/Intermediate): verbs in the yo form of the present indicative; the verb gustar